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Rhinoplasty Package Turkey

The nose is an organ that has many vital functions in our body such as heating, filtering, humidifying and smelling the inhaled air, especially breathing.


Day 1
Arrival at İstanbul airport, meet our driver, and transfer to the hotel with a VIP car. Hotel check-in and rest at the hotel or explore our city.
Day 2
Meet our assistant at the hotel lobby. She will guide you to the hospital to check in and do Pre-op tests. After this, meet Doctor Ali at the clinic to plan the surgery, examination, and Medical photography. Finally, you can do your package payment in cash.
Day 3
Performing rhinoplasty surgery and one night stay at the hospital.
Day 4
Dr. Ali checks you and the assistant who helps to the doctor with your discharging process and your medications. Our assistant will help you with your return to the hotel.
Day 5
Rest in the hotel, regular diet, and daily walking, taking prescribed medications.
Day 6
Rest in the hotel with a regular diet and taking post-up medications and enjoy our city.
Day 7
A short check-up in our clinic.
Day 8
Rest and recovery day.
Day 9
Rest and recovery day.
Day 10
Removing cast and silicone nasal tampons. Checking the surgical incisions; taking doctors’ advice about all post-operation instructions. Taking the flight permission that your face is covered because you had rhinoplasty surgery. Transfer from the hotel to the airport.

Recover with ease, just a heartbeat away from care. Our clinic’s next-door location to your hotel room means your doctor is always within reach, providing immediate assistance and a comforting presence throughout your healing process.


The Rhinoplasty Operation

Rhinoplasty, or “nose job,” is a procedure in which the structure of the nose is changed. The reason for rhinoplasty may be to change the appearance of the nose, improve breathing, or both.

Free Counseling and Personal Treatment Plan

You can get free medical advice from our medical experts. During the pre-operation consultation, on the second day of the trip, the doctor examines the patient and will ask for blood tests before the surgery.

Pre-op Testing, Blood Tests, and Medication

During the pre-operation consultation, Dr Ali examines the patient and will ask for laboratory tests such as blood tests and also some other tests if the patient has any other illnesses before the surgery. The price of the blood test that is RELATED TO RHINOPLASTY is included in the package and you don’t have to pay any extra charge for it. After the operation, the surgeon prescribes antibiotics to prevent infection. According to the patient’s condition, the doctor might prescribe more than one dose of antibiotic and will inform the medical staff to take care of it.

Anesthesia and Equipment

During the surgical procedure, an anesthesiologist is present in the operating room to perform anesthesia and monitor the patient’s vital signs. The anesthesiologist’s fee is included in the total price of the package.

Nurse Service

Before and after surgery in the hospital, there will be a nurse for you to help.

Post-Op Check Up and Cast Removal

Before flying back home, the doctor will visit the patient for the final check-up. The doctor will remove the cast on the nose, examine it and give instructions on how to take care of the nose until the healing process is completed.

Post-Op Care

During your visit, we are with you! After your surgery, you can come to our clinic for post-operative care.


This system is done during pre-operative planning. In this way, it is possible to better understand what kind of nose our patient wants. We also use this method to give our patients an idea of what their noses would look like after the operation.

VIP Transfer

Our chauffeur will greet you with a luxury vehicle when you arrive at the airport. After the process is over, you will be dropped off from the hotel at the airport and said goodbye.

Translator Service

At every stage of the rhinoplasty process, there is an English translator. For other languages, a translator fluent in the patient’s native language will accompany them during the consultation. They facilitate doctor-patient communication and make sure there won’t be any missing points due to linguistic barriers.


Ramada Plaza Wyndham Hotel is a four-star hotel that is very comfortable and also located right next to our clinic. On the other side of the hotel is our Acıbadem hospital. And across the Street, you can find a shopping mall and a pharmacy. So everything you need is very close to you.

A Shopping or Sightseeing Tour

A shopping or sightseeing tour with a guide or a sightseeing tour with a guide. Support staff as guidance. They are always reachable to help you anytime.

Fit to Fly Report

Since the patient's nose is closed, they need to show this document to verify his identity. Through this report, we inform the flight crew the patient has had an operation recently.

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