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Nose Aesthetics

We apply the most suitable nose shape for your facial line with special surgical techniques.

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The nose is an organ that has many vital functions in our body, especially breathing, heating, filtering, humidifying and smelling the inhaled air.

It also has an important role in the beauty of the face. At the same time, since the nose is in the center of the face, it is also very important in the character of the face. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that requires an artistic eye and good experience. Healthy individuals make eye contact during face-to-face communication. If there are obvious deformities in the external appearance of the nose (such as prominent arches, prominent curvatures and low nasal tip), these problems may attract unwanted attention and cause loss of self-confidence in the person.

At the same time, people may also experience nasal congestion. In such cases, an operation called septorhinoplasty is planned to eliminate both the breathing problem and to correct the shape problems outside the nose. In our clinic, our goal in our individually planned surgeries is to achieve healthy results that breathe well and are compatible with the person's face.

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Functional Aesthetic Nose Surgery

Your facial appearance creates the first impression about you. The nose expresses the character of the face.

Dr. Ali Alaiye is a surgeon specializing in nose surgery. In our daily practice, we encounter many patients who have nasal congestion and are not satisfied with the shape of their nose. Septorhinoplasty, known as rhinoplasty surgery in which the nose is reshaped, is a good surgery option for these patients. With this surgery, surgeons aim to create a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance by changing the shape, size or contour of the nose. This surgery not only eliminates aesthetic defects, but also can correct respiratory disorders caused by structural defects in the nose. Since the human body is a living and constantly changing structure and due to the effects of healing tissue, this surgery is different from sculpture works done on iron or wood. We devote enough time to our patients in our clinic. We listen to them carefully and give detailed information about the surgery. Thus, the patient's expectations, the anatomy of the nose and the medically possible limits of surgery are discussed in detail. One of the most important points in septorhinoplasty is to have a detailed discussion between the patient and the surgeon in open communication about the expectations from the surgery and what kind of nose will be obtained as a result of the surgery, in a way that creates mutual trust. We devote enough time to our patients in our clinic. Thus, the patient's expectations, the patient's anatomy, what can be applied medically and the surgery in its entirety are discussed in detail.

Dr. Ali ALAİYE approaches his patients with love and respect. He spends enough time with his patients and listens to them very well. He talks to his patients and evaluates treatment options with them. He attaches great importance to patients' wishes regarding surgery. He provides the best support he can to patients before and after surgery. It is believed that when an environment of mutual trust is established for the surgery and the patient and the surgeon can agree on the same idea, the surgical decision taken will make the patient and the physician happier. Dr. Ali ALAİYE cares about this situation when patients decide on surgery. Dr. Ali Alaiye shows high sensitivity to the patient's concerns, needs, wishes and desired results. When you apply for surgery, you will meet directly with Dr. Ali ALAİYE in sufficient time during the examination. Rhinoplasty is perhaps one of the most difficult and sensitive surgeries we perform. The key to getting successful results is choosing the right surgeon. Rhinoplasty surgery aims to ensure nose-face harmony. If you are not very happy with the fit of your nose to your face, you may experience a lack of confidence throughout your life. Each surgery should be performed individually and a result compatible with the face should be aimed. The ideal thing is to obtain a nose that feels natural and breathes well after surgery. Establishing this balance well is very important and requires long-term experience. Dr.Ali ALAİYE has experience in this field and his techniques are designed to achieve good results in the long term. While planning your surgery, Dr. Ali ALAİYE will develop a customized plan for you, taking into account your other facial features.

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If patients who have previously undergone one or more septorhinoplasties need another surgery session in the nose for various reasons, the surgery to be performed is called revision septorhinoplasty.

Revision septorhinoplasty is generally a more difficult surgery than the first nose surgery. Therefore, a surgeon specialized in revision surgery is of great importance. As with any surgery, there is a low probability of revision surgery in rhinoplasty, considering the living and variable structure of the nose and the negative effects of healing tissues. When a patient undergoes a revision septorhinoplasty procedure, some negative healing tissues called scar tissue may develop, which can make corrections difficult. In some patients who have had previous nasal surgery, if the intranasal cartilage remaining from previous surgeries is not sufficient, then the patient's ear or rib cartilage may be needed in the new surgery. Or, officially approved cadaveric rib cartilage can be used in elderly revision septorhinoplasty patients who cannot take rib cartilage from themselves due to the possibility of ossification of their own ribs.

Dr. Ali Alaiye knows that revision septorhinoplasty deformities vary greatly from patient to patient. Some patients have problems that are difficult to correct. Dr. Ali ALAİYE will tell you all these possibilities, the special risks of your own nose and all the risks of surgery with all transparency in the personalized surgery planning meeting he will hold with you before the surgery. Dr. Ali ALAİYE takes great care to spend enough time with his patients before surgery and to discuss all personalized risks and all details about the surgery with them. In this way, the patient gets to know his/her own nose better and can better understand what can happen with the surgery. In this case, patients' anxieties and fears about the surgery are greatly reduced. At the same time, sharing all the details transparently before the surgery allocates the trust between the patient and the physician and ensures that the communication between the patient and the physician is very good in the long run.

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Nose Aesthetics Doctor Recommendation

Nose Aesthetics Doctor Recommendation

Rhinoplasty, that is, nose surgery, is a surgery that can change people's appearance. Therefore, it is very important for people who will have rhinoplasty to choose a good doctor.



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